Mouthguards for athletes: the best ally to protect your teeth

Oral injuries are very common in people who practice certain sports. In order to avoid them, it is essential to use an oral plan adapted to the athlete and the sport being practiced. This appliance helps prevent painful lesions on the teeth, cheeks and tongue.

Mouthguards are really important, as oral injuries can lead to serious tooth breaks, lip damage, broken bridges and crowns, and even severe jaw fractures.

But, as in any dental treatment process, it is essential to go to a good professional to find the best mouthguard. At Almidental we specialize in these mouthguards and customize mouthguards for elite athletes in any type of sport to ensure the safety of our patients.

There are several types of protectors. And, although they share the same objective, not all splints are the same. Several types are available on the market:

  • Tailor-made protector. This is the best option, both for comfort and good protection. At Almidental we design the splints for each patient, making them comfortable and perfectly adapted to the athlete’s mouth, avoiding drooping during movements and respecting the natural occlusion.
  • Semi-adaptable protector. These protectors are moldable, so each athlete must shape them so that the plastic adapts to the teeth. Although they are also comfortable, as they adapt to the mouth of the athlete after shaping, they tend to last much less than custom-made ones.
  • Prefabricated protector. This type of protector comes prefabricated, so it is much more complicated to adapt 100% to the athlete’s mouth. These splints can make it difficult for the athlete to speak, move and even be uncomfortable at certain times.

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