How to choose a reliable dentist?

Choosing a reliable dentist can be a complicated and indecisive task, especially considering the importance of oral health. For this reason, we bring you six tips to facilitate this choice and to be able to go to a good dentist.

1. Consult the opinions about the clinic

The opinions of family and friends about the dental clinic can be decisive in deciding whether to go to that center or another. Talking to your acquaintances, who have already dealt with the dentist and know first hand his way of working, his treatment, his prices and materials, can be of great help. A doctor is not easy to choose and having the opinion of other people is always a good reference.

In addition, we can also rely on user comments on the Internet. In general, when we search for any dentist on Google, opinions, ratings and comments from other patients always appear. This can help us get to know the dentist better.

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2. Check the dentist’s name, surname, and registration number.

The dentist must be a licensed physician. Thus, in order for a dentist (stomatologist) to be considered as such, he/she must have a university degree that accredits him/her and the obligation to be a member of a professional association of dentists and stomatologists in Spain.

This membership number can be searched for by its full name on the website of the dental associations. It can also be requested, although it is usually indicated in the clinic in some way.

3. Confirm that the clinic has personnel specialized in your treatment.

Dentistry is a very general and broad career. For this reason, dentists usually pursue a master’s or postgraduate degree to specialize in a specific field. There are also nowadays expert courses that allow you to be up to date with new technologies in the sector. As is the case with the Almidental clinic: the dentists in Ondara are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and new working techniques. Almidental Ondara and Pedreguer always ensures specialized staff in the treatment you need and who is going to treat you usually ensures a higher quality.

4. Observes if the sterilization and hygiene measures are complied with.

Your health should be the main element to be considered by your dentist. must comply with sterilization, hygiene and ventilation measures as well as the use of ozone. Some of these are the use of gloves and masks and the disinfection and washing of the material. In case you have any doubts, you can always ask him directly about the following measures.

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5. Be wary of super offers and bargains.

Offers with very cheap prices can lead to materials of dubious quality. Considering the importance of oral health, it is important that the materials are good and healthy. That is, they must ensure that the treatment will last the estimated duration and that it will not harm your health in any way, such as with non-toxic materials.

On the other hand, low prices may mislead the patient into not considering the whole treatment, but only a part of it. Therefore, it is important to make sure what is included in each price and with what materials. At Almidental clinics, the dentists in Ondara and Pedreguer will give you a clear, non-confusing and non-binding estimate.

6. Does the dentist treat you well and inform you about everything without problems?

Finally, it is essential that the dentist has a good rapport with each patient and that he/she conveys confidence. Thus, it is important that you provide full information about treatments and ailments. For example, explain what the process consists of, how many phases it has and what recommendations must be complied with. In addition, if you have any doubts, you should be able to answer without problems and with kindness.

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