What are immediate prostheses?

Immediate dentures can be a good option after an exodontia, the extraction of a tooth. These are removable complete or partial dentures that are made prior to tooth extraction and are inserted immediately after extraction. In addition, these prostheses are definitive.

prótesis inmediatas

When are immediate prostheses made?

This type of prosthesis is made with the teeth still in the mouth. In other words, a model is obtained from the patient’s own teeth. It is then sent to our laboratory for processing and, once the prosthesis has been obtained, the teeth are extracted and the prosthesis is fitted immediately.

The objective of immediate prostheses is the morphofunctional rehabilitation of the patient without intermediate periods that reduce their physical capacity and preserving the masticatory and phonatory functions, as well as aesthetics.

What are the advantages of immediate prostheses?

  • Less postoperative pain.
  • Acts as a healing splint.
  • Immediate functional rehabilitation.
  • Avoids a period of edentation: rapid adaptation to the new treatment.
  • Maintains the position of the structures.
  • Maintains previous aesthetics.
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prótesis inmediatas

¿And what are the disadvantages?

  • No pre-testing or pre-checking is possible.
  • Technical difficulty.
  • Longer treatment: more appointments.
  • Higher cost for the patient as it is a longer treatment.
  • Surgical aggressiveness. Usually, several extractions are done at the same time and everything is done in one or two appointments.

However, at Almidental, we offer you the appropriate and personalised advice for each case. Contacting one of our dentists may be the best option to choose the ideal treatment to design your smile.