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Almidental Dental Clinic

It was in 2006 when Almidental Dental Clinic was born. A Dental Clinic with all dental services in one place. Clinic and Laboratory in Ondara.

Not being satisfied with this, and due to the many requests from our patients, we decided to open new clinics to be closer to you.

In 2015 is when Almidental, the Dental Clinic in Pedreguer, was born.

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We are a specialised centre

Why should you choose us?


Quality dental implants, with non-invasive surgery service.

Paediatric Dentistry

Take care of your child’s mouth from the earliest years.


Take care of your mouth and give it the utmost care so that it lasts for many years.

Tooth Whitening

Your best smile is important. Whiten your everyday teeth.


Protect your teeth. So come and see us before it gets any worse.


Your gums need the best care so that you don’t have problems in the future.

Removable Prostheses

If age has left you without teeth, we can make your dentures to measure.

Fixed Prostheses

Tailor-made prosthesis, with an absolute fixation to be able to bite as the first day.

General Dentistry

Clean and care for your mouth on a monthly basis to avoid future ailments.

"It was a very good experience. Dr. Mari Carmen treated me very kindly and solved my gum problem."
"It is a pleasure to visit the Almidental Clinic. I have been to the Ondara and Pedreguer clinics and they always attend me without waiting. I am very happy."
"Whenever I go to Almidental clinics I always leave very happy. They are 100% recommendable and the customer service is very professional."

Meet Our Team

  • Dra. Mª Carmen Llopis

    Specialist in Orthodontics and Surgery
  • Rubén Almiñana

    Dental Prosthetist
  • Ana Blanes Simó

    Commercial Director
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Providing the best service to all patients

who trust and have trusted us. Do not hesitate to visit us. Our team will give you the solutions you need.

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