5 habits to take care of your oral health

Having a healthy and beautiful smile is much easier than people think. As long as daily hygiene and care habits are followed, anyone can show off their best smile. At Almidental we recommend five basic – and fundamental – habits to maintain good oral health and have the best smile.

1. Importance of brushing

Brushing your teeth daily is essential. The daily brushing routine to maintain good hygiene is three times a day, as well as after eating sugary foods.

In addition to maintaining this routine, it is necessary to pay attention to the way we brush our teeth. It is recommended to spend at least two minutes brushing them and to brush all parts of the mouth: brushing the teeth from the front, the back and the tongue.

2. Interdental cleaning

Even with good tooth brushing, there are some corners of the mouth that are difficult to reach with toothbrushes. Many times, the bristles do not clean the food debris between the teeth well and this causes plaque build-up and the possible appearance of cavities.

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In order to remove debris properly, it is essential to complement brushing with dental floss, interdental brushes or an oral irrigator.

3. The eyour great ally in mouthwash

A good mouthwash should be added to the brushing routine, plus interdental cleaning. With this product, the daily cleaning of the mouth will be complete and the teeth will be free of residues. In addition, some rinses incorporate ingredients in their formulation to prevent caries, for sensitivity or with a whitening effect, thus providing extra care for your smile.

4. The food

Food is not only good for physical health. Teeth and oral health are also affected by poor nutrition. Some recommendations to maintain a healthy mouth are the intake of calcium and a healthy and varied diet. It is always recommended to consume foods with a high amount of sugar and carbonated beverages in moderation.

Image: © Almidental.

5. Visit the dentist at least once a year.

The best way to avoid further damage and always maintain proper oral health and hygiene is to visit the dentist at least once a year. Although the ideal is to visit the clinic once every six months, to avoid cavities, gum problems and keep the smile always perfect.

A visit to the dentist is essential because the earlier a dental health problem is detected, the easier it will be to treat and the less painful the intervention will be.

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