The importance of pediatric dentistry

Dentistry tries to take care of the oral health of any patient but, undoubtedly, the youngest ones need special care so that their teeth grow in a healthy way and without any kind of problem. And, as with any other medical specialty, children need a dentist who specializes in their care.

Pediatric dentistry or pediatric dentistry provides therapeutic and preventive oral health care for infants and children up to the age of adolescence. The pediatric dentist tries to find the specialized treatment necessary for the small patient, attending in a close and special way.

Why is a specialist in pediatric dentistry important?

The care of teeth in the early stages of life is very important to avoid possible problems or pathologies in the future. The problems that arise with baby teeth can persist over time because, in some cases, they are not eliminated as soon as they fall out.

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In addition to dental care, pediatric dentistry is essential for children to have a good dental education. The pediatric dental professional not only cures “bad teeth,” but also educates his or her patients at an early age to maintain good oral health care.

The professionals in this specialty treat their patients from the moment they enter the waiting room. Each child needs time for adaptation, performance and confidence, essential elements for the consultation to be as satisfactory as possible.

At Almidental we take care of every detail and we analyze the little ones in every step they take from the moment they enter the clinic to generate the maximum possible trust, always respecting their space and time.

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Main treatments

The main treatments performed in pediatric dentistry are:

  • Dental trauma due to falls or blows.
  • Dental caries
  • Use of sealants
  • Orthodontics for children

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