Wisdom teeth: when to remove them and why

Wisdom teeth, famous for appearing in the stage of youth together with the acquisition of the faculty of judgment -between 17 and 25 years of age- are the last molars to appear. If they are properly aligned (top two and bottom two) they do not cause any problems. However, on the contrary, if their roots are not well positioned, these molars can cause pain and injuries, and their extraction is necessary or advisable.

The four molars can appear completely, without any problem, but in some people they can appear partially or not at all. Depending on the case of each patient, the dentist will decide the appropriate treatment for these molars.

When is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

There are several causes for having to extract wisdom teeth. The most common is that they cannot fully emerge due to a lack of space in the jaw. Partial wisdom teeth often create areas that are difficult to clean, so food and dirt accumulate, leading to cavities or oral infections.

Another reason for needing an extraction of these molars is that they come out with inclination, crowding with nearby teeth and causing considerable damage to them. Teeth that fail to emerge also need to be extracted, as they can cause damage to the roots of other teeth and even to the jawbone.

Patients may notice various symptoms if the wisdom teeth are not erupting properly or have created an infection. The most common symptoms are: inflammation and redness of the gums; bleeding and tooth sensitivity; jaw pain; fever; halitosis or discomfort when eating.

When is it not necessary to extract wisdom teeth?

Although in most cases the appearance of wisdom teeth causes problems, it is not always necessary to remove them. The growth of the molars should be supervised by a dentist to monitor the evolution and the risk that wisdom teeth can cause to the other teeth.

Dr. Mª Carmen Lllopis – Almidental Dental Clinic.

Therefore, if the wisdom teeth are healthy, have erupted without problems and the area can be cleaned properly, wisdom tooth extraction will not be necessary.

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