Invisalign orthodontics, the latest oral health trend

It is a reality that orthodontic treatments are becoming more and more common, both to correct the bite and to improve the esthetics of the teeth. However, the popularity of one technique in particular has grown significantly in recent years. We are referring, as we are sure you have already heard, to Invisalign orthodontics. Invisalign orthodonticsthe latest generation of almost invisible orthodontics.

No wires or brackets, removable and, above all, discreet. But these are not only its advantages, it can also shorten the treatment, avoid pain and be much more hygienic. In addition, they solve problems of bruxism problems, malposition of teeth, bite and self-esteem. For example, incorrect chewing or bruxism can cause severe ear or neck pain.

Invisalign Orthodontics

High-tech Invisalign orthodontics

At Almidental, we take the oral health of our patients very seriously. Therefore, we seek to offer the latest in innovation and efficacy with our treatments. The main objective is to design your best smile.

To achieve this, we deal with high quality technology. After the corresponding study, using a 3D computer program, the treatment is planned in detail and the splints are fabricated. Once made in our our laboratorythe treatment is started. At Almidental, not only do we care about your smile, but we take care of the whole process in detail.

Invisalign Orthodontics

As you can see, Invisalign orthodontics is one of the most innovative, comfortable and discreet techniques available today. Our dentists can answer any questions you may have and diagnose which of the various modalities is best suited to your needs. various orthodontic modalities of orthodontics is the most suitable for your smile.

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