Four habits that damage your smile

Having a beautiful, healthy and bright smile is easy if you maintain a good daily hygiene routine and dental check-ups. Three daily brushings, healthy food and regular check-ups will make your teeth look beautiful and you will be less likely to get an oral infection.

Now it is. Even though daily hygiene and regular check-ups, there are certain daily habits that can seriously damage dental health. Not only the ones we already know, such as alcohol, sugars or tobacco. These are daily actions that we often perform unconsciously and that can even lead to broken teeth.

Do you know what we are talking about?


Stress is detrimental to overall health. But if we focus on the teeth, continuous stress causes bruxism, a disorder that causes unconscious grinding, gnashing or clenching of the teeth. Bruxism can lead to dental fractures and weakening of the enamel, also causing high tooth sensitivity.

Eating sticky foods

Raisins, chocolate, candies… These are sticky foods that tend to “stay between the teeth” for a while and cause bad moments, especially if it happens in public. Not consuming these foods can be an effort, since most of them are the typical sweets that we crave in a quiet moment.

But since Almidental we recommend that, if one of these foods is ingested, teeth should be brushed as soon as possible. A lack of brushing can lead to a dental infection, such as tooth decay.

smiling habits

Using teeth as scissors

Plastic is always difficult to open with our hands, and for that… we resort to our teeth! It is one of the actions that are most often repeated unconsciously. And not only can it cause breakage of the front parts – depending on the plastic or material you are trying to break – but the bacteria on the surface can cause serious infections.

Holding items with the teeth

Or nibble them, like pen caps. This is usually a “mania” or action performed in a moment of nervousness. But, without realizing it, this action carries great dangers.

Holding an item on the teeth causes some pressure to be exerted on the object we are holding. This action leads to displacement of parts and even breakage.

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