Everything you should know about Invisalign

As many of you already know, Invisalign Invisalign orthodontics is on everyone’s lips. A state-of-the-art, almost invisible orthodontic treatment that helps correct the esthetics of the teeth and even the bite. With Invisalign it is possible to leave behind those annoying irons, canker sores created by friction and, best of all, they are hardly noticeable.

Invisalign has many advantages, but there are also some doubts about this invisible orthodontic. At Almidental, as always, we want to answer all your questions about this latest generation treatment.

What is the price of Invisalign?

The truth is that this is one of the questions that people ask the most, but the most complicated to say without a previous diagnosis. As in any dental treatment, the price always depends on the needs of each patient.

It is true that Invisalign orthodontics is somewhat more expensive than traditional braces, but this state-of-the-art orthodontics makes it possible for teeth to align more quickly.

To know the exact price of this treatment we recommend you to visit us and we will study your case without any commitment.

Invisalign Orthodontics

How long does Invisalign treatment last?

Another great question, with an ambiguous answer. Invisible orthodontics, as we have said, usually has a shorter duration than braces, but this always depends on the patient’s needs.

The duration of Invisalign varies according to the technique applied and the number of steps to be performed by the patient.

Is Invisalign or braces better?

Braces have always been traditional orthodontics. Its effectiveness is still high and very good, however, other types of orthodontics are appearing on the market that adapt to the needs of patients. This is the case with Invisalign.

The choice of orthodontics depends very much on the patient’s needs, but also on the person’s lifestyle. The truth is that Invisalign has many advantages: it is almost imperceptible, its duration is usually shorter, it does not create mouth ulcers due to rubbing… But the truth is that you must be constant, since it is a removable splint.

With Invisalign you should know that to eat or drink certain beverages such as coffee, wine, soft drinks, you must remove the orthodontics so that it does not stain. In addition, it is necessary to be very constant with the change of splints and to make them at the time indicated by the professional.

Invisalign duration types

Does it hurt a lot?

Correction of tooth malposition always causes some pain. The teeth move by compression, so that feeling of pressure is noticeable with Invisalign. But it must be said that it is the least painful orthodontics.

The sensation of pressure is felt with each new aligner, which is usually changed every two weeks. This mild discomfort is normal and bearable and will not last more than 48 hours.

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